Who are those people?

As a student of photography, I was very excited when I got the first project. I had to choose Route to the Photographers’ Gallery and take pictures on the way. With a small group of students we started our journey from Chelsea Habour, where we walk around marina, and for quite long time, we were taking photographs. The place was so quiet, that only people there was our group of students. Because my passion is taking photographs of people I took few shoots of students while they were focused more on photographing architecture. When everyone was happy from their photographs, we decided to move on to Kensal Rise. I photographed people at the station and tried to take photo of them in moving train. The train station is very good place to get great pictures, because so many things happening around. I arrived to Kensal Rise with hope to get some good shots, but the place looked empty. Few random people and our group of students with cameras walking around Kensal Rise trying to get some pictures. But I haven’t found anything interested apart roads, houses and church, which didn’t fit to my theme where I choose people as main subject. From there we travel to Regents Street, one of the most busiest street in London and the biggest toy shop in the world “Hamleys”. Each member of staff was playing with toys, and I took picture of one of them, who was playing with boomerang. The last stop before The Photographers Gallery was Great Marlborough Street, the most interesting place of my journey, showing people in their everyday life, where they represent different lifestyles mixing together in one place.

My street photography journey gave me a different point of view. Teach to stop and look around to find good composition, and when you get it, wait for THAT moment to fill your perfect picture.

Looking through my view finder I can create frame with composition I like, focus on subject which matters to me and tell the story from my point of view. I desaturated those pictures because I wanted viewer to focus on people, emotion, and composition which are more dominate than colors in my photography.

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2 thoughts on “Who are those people?

  1. Wow, beautiful photos, I’m a fan.


  2. amaya's project on said:

    Photography is such an amazing major. Your pictures are really beautiful!


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