Environmental Portraits

It is a small project to shoot photographs of people in their environment. These portraits may be of people you come across, they may be walking down the street or found inside a shop or workplace, whichever situation you must ensure their surroundings, clothes or ‘look’ clearly says something about them which you found interesting.

My choices are portraits of people in their workplace.because I think this telling you more about person who work there.

1. “The teacher”

This picture I took when I went to pick up my daughter from school. This man is very nice teacher and teach children in year 4, which you can recognise from the board in the class room. Probably if I womsuld place him a bit more to the right you could read: A Greek Odyssey words behind him. You can see he is in work because he’s holding folder and have ID with Staff written on a strap. You could see his picture on ID if I’d tell him to turn it, but I didn’t see this detail at that time (photographer’s fault – lesson for next time).In the class room was a daylight coming from the window, but it wasn’t enough to lit his up so I used bounce flash from ceiling to make nice and soft light on him.

2.“Behind the bar”

This picture was taken in the pub where this woman was working as a bartender. I had a bit of technical pms-2roblems because I didn’t have flash with me. The ambient light was not very good and the only light I could use was daylight coming from the door. I asked her to stand the closest to the light that I will get her face lit up and the bar in the background. I wanted to show what is in the background and also have enough light on her to get a good environmental portrait. So I set up my camera on medium aperture and low shutter speed but enough to hold camera still. The picture wasn’t bright enough and I brightened it a bit more in post processing.

3. “Bowling time”

bowling ladyThis picture I took in Bowling Centre where my daughter was invited on birthday party. I saw this girl with all bowling shoes behind her and I thought that this would be a good picture for my project. The only light there was ambient light so I used bounced flash from the ceiling. I took only this one picture of her and I didn’t have chance to take more because there was very busy at that time. I made it brighter in post processing.

I took all those pictures in a busy environment where I had to be quick.  I estimated available light in place and quick set up camera to get correct exposure. This experience teaches me how to work under pressure in a limited time.

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