My theme for street photography is light and shadows. Inspired by Fan Ho, Harry Callahan and recently I have seen work of Clarissa Bonet “City Space” which inspired me even more in my project.

 I’m one of those shy photographers, who like to find interesting spot, hide in a quiet place and wait for a moment. I’m person, who looks for interesting light composition and try different angles. I wanted combine those two elements on a street. The perfect place to start my adventure was Southbank where are bridges and tunnels, which gave me possibilities to get creative. The perfect sunny weather created harsh shadows and different patterns on the streets. I was looking for places in shade pointing camera opposite the sun to create silhouettes of people. Many times I had to crouch to look through things and get interesting shot. From that day I had some great shots which push me more to go out and explore different part of London. I also went to Canary Wharf, where lots of high buildings are and sun creates big shadows, as well as reflect the light from glass buildings making interesting place to shoot. I had a few approach to not taking photos, so I just walked away and got another spot.

 From that day I got even more pictures and I started selected them for the bookmaking workshop with Lewis Bush. From 400 images I selected 50 and form those Charlotte helped me to edit in the college and get final 15. It’s good to have editor who will look at your pictures from different perspective. The workshop with Lewis shows me how to create a storytelling photo book. I design a dummy book where I stick images and made a story. The title is “Unknown”, because the book shows photographs of people silhouettes.  Most of the time, the focus is on one person. Looking through the book we have feeling to follow that person. The book is conceived in mysterious atmosphere created by darkness and the light.

My experience as street photographer was fantastic. There are so much things happening in the street, where so many stories to tell and places to explore. I think that street is for every kind of photographer, and everyone will find something interesting and inspiring. I love the idea of lights and shadows, and I would like to try to photograph street using different techniques like double exposure or long exposure and get creative with your imagination. But this is another topic and another project to start in the future.IMG_0206IMG_0407street photos-3street photos-9street photos-12street photos-11street photos-7street photos-8street photos-4street photos-13street photos-1street photos-2street photos-10street photos-5street photos-6

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